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Find a lasting solution for your cataracts

Say "goodbye" to poor, blurry vision with cataract treatment

Are colors not quite as bright as they used to be? Do things look blurrier than normal? Blurry, dim, and cloudy visions are all classic signs of cataracts. Thanks to our state-of-the-art treatment options, you don't have to suffer with poor vision any longer.

Put an end to your cataracts today

We offer two very effective cataract surgeries to help you see better in no time. Our treatment options include standard intraocular lenses, a very inexpensive treatment, and Premium IOL multifocal lenses, which allow you to see far and near without additional correction. All our cataract surgeries are performed as outpatient procedures allowing you to go home the same day.

Find out if you suffer from cataracts

Dr. Winter has been practicing ophthalmology for over 20 years in the North Country. When you come in, our doctors and staff will evaluate your eye condition and determine the best form of treatment for your unique situation.

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We offer 10% off your eyeglass purchase at any of our convenient locations.

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